Loose Products


Sharp Sand 0/4

A washed course graded sand suitable for Floor Screeds and Block Paving

Building Sand 0/2

A washed finely graded sand used for bricklaying mortar

Mixed Sand 0/2

A blend of building and sharp sand used for rendering

All In 20mm 0/20

A blend of sharp sand and 20mm shingle used for concrete production

All In 10mm 0/10

A blend of sharp sand and 10mm shingle used for concrete production, especially where a good finish is required

Shingle 20mm 10/20

Used mainly for driveways

Shingle 10mm 4/10

Used for paths, decorative purposes and pipe bedding

Stone 40mm 20/40

Used in soakaways and drainage


Used for soakaways and wall building/restoration


Used for fill and as a hardcore also used to construct tracks and highways

Recycled Products

Crushed Concrete

Used as hardcore

Crushed Brick Rubble

Used as hardcore / base layers

Recycled screened soil

Graded soil used for landscaping